The laser is one of the most important tools for teasing cats.

In this article, I’ll show some properties of the atom and how the atom interacts with light. I’ll then use this knowledge to simulate a working laser.

This article is also available in a video format here

Light and atom interaction

The whole process of lasering relies on a special interaction between the atom and the light. So let’s examine an atom. For simplicity, let’s look at an atom with only one electron. Two states are shown by the two electron orbitals with a nucleus in the center.

In this article we’ll discuss Why can you live in Hiroshima but not in Chernobyl. Both cities suffered a major atomic disaster, where radioactive fallout was released. Hiroshima was nuked by the uranium fissile atomic bomb, little boy, with energies of 15 kilotons of TNT. Chernobyl's uranium fissile reactors produced 3,200 MW (megawatts) of thermal power, also using fissile uranium. As you know, the reactor also blew up.

Hiroshima is now well and prospering but Chernobyl remains uninhabited. So what’s the difference between these disasters?

You know the drill, your are desperate for some coffee but the temperature of the newly served coffee is molten lava. What’s a good way to quickly cool down a cup of coffee? Or tea off course — It’s just water anyway.

I know one fast way with Liquid Nitrogen.

This article is available in video format here.

It occurs from time to time i forget my Liquid Nitrogen at home. In that scenario, what’s the best way to cool down the black gold as past as possible, if you have nothing? No ice cubes, no saucer and so…

Higgsino Physics

Physics animations explaining concepts that’s particularly weird or interesting.

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